About Us

Welcome to the www.e-shipchandler.com web site and thank you for visiting! Our founder team which includes both supplier and owner is in sector for years now. We have faced some difficulties at our past about shipchandling like finding best supplier or contacting vessels. Our years of experience lead us to creating a new platform to bring together both owners and suppliers to exceed difficulties permanently. With this spectacular new idea, our website was established in 2016. Our team’s previous naval area was Mediterranean which is the second busy area for vessels to gain most effective experience about shipchandling. After some efforts on difficulties about shipchandling faced both by owners and suppliers, we welcome you to the new way of shipchandling worldwide.

our mission

To have the largest number of suppliers at every port in the world to meet owners purchasing demands thoroughly and become #1 site for shipchandling.

our vision

To prevent all unnecessary expenditure about shipchandling worldwide.


"You can make your vessel supplies need from here without any comissions all world ports"
Richard Thomas
"This system to be best and fastest way for supply all ports of world"
"With this system you can receive best prices and fastest supply, For supply operations best and fastest way. Also no paying any extra comissions for comleted any supply"
Imad Shout
"No pay any comissions to any agent or any broker, directly send your offer to Ship Master or Ship Owner"


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