The process of the system starts when needer ship-owners and shipmasters share their requirements in our website or notify us.
First of all, you need to login as a member, and then prepare the most suitable offer according to requirement lists of ship-owners and shipmasters who want price offer; it is enough to send your offer to the contact details shared in the advertisement.
www.e-shipchandler.com  does not take commission for supplied taken on.
The aim of the system is to provide ship requirements of the ship-owners and shipmasters in the most economic and fastest way.
The advertisements are shared with all suppliers registered in our advertisement system for that country and the best price offer is searched.
After you take requirement lists and contact details shared in the advertisement, you should send your offer directly to the owner of the advertisement. The offers you send us are deleted and have no value.
The problems you have after supply are your and supplier’s concern. We cannot be a party to this matter. We only share advertisements and we do not take any responsibility for supplies. After each supply you carried out, the authorized person of the ship-owner who place the advertisement will give you a point out of 100 and the average of these points will be a reference for other ship-owners and shipmasters in the future concerning in what quality and how much quality supplier you are.


"You can make your vessel supplies need from here without any comissions all world ports"
Richard Thomas
"This system to be best and fastest way for supply all ports of world"
"With this system you can receive best prices and fastest supply, For supply operations best and fastest way. Also no paying any extra comissions for comleted any supply"
Imad Shout
"No pay any comissions to any agent or any broker, directly send your offer to Ship Master or Ship Owner"


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