How Works
How Works !! website was established in 2016 by naval personnel who is working in ships and worked in ships in the past.

The purpose of this system is to provide the supply needs of all ship staff and Ship-owners & Captains with the best suppliers, the best price, the best quality, the fastest way, shortly, with the best conditions, in most affordable way, without paying any commission to anywhere.

So how does the system function? How can I report to my needs to the all suppliers?

1- When there is a need of your ship, you should enter this website, fill out the necessary forms and submit all of them with comments and files, if available, to us; after we check the forms sent to us, we publish them as soon as possible, and then we send them along with your details and requirement list to all real suppliers in the port where your ship locates. After that, what you need to do is to evaluate all offers and to make your choice based on best offer.

2- When there is a need of your ship, it is enough to send your requirement list, ship name, delivery port and ETA details to our following e-mail address; [email protected]


"You can make your vessel supplies need from here without any comissions all world ports"
Richard Thomas
"This system to be best and fastest way for supply all ports of world"
"With this system you can receive best prices and fastest supply, For supply operations best and fastest way. Also no paying any extra comissions for comleted any supply"
Imad Shout
"No pay any comissions to any agent or any broker, directly send your offer to Ship Master or Ship Owner"


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